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Areas of Expertise

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At Bangham Engineering, we have a strong background in small and large scale testing that has led to our expertise in system and component design. System Design Component Design

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In pursuing solutions to complex problems, we use a variety of infrastructure to gather important data. This infrastructure includes computational tools, sensors, facilities, and other equipment or software. Instrumentation Facilities

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Simulation and Analysis

Bangham Engineering, Inc. utilizes our extensive experience working across a myriad of software tools to create simulations, create models, analyze test data and extract data visualizations. Computational Tools Simulation Tools

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Who We Are

Bangham Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Huntsville, Alabama by Mike and Julie Bangham. Historically, the company has been a testing and prototyping engineering firm that works in the aerospace industry with entities such as NASA and the FAA. Bangham Engineering, Inc. has grown into a small company with great capability that strongly believes in combining simulation with testing to extract the real knowledge needed to understand problems we address.


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