Simulation Tools

At Bangham, we use a variety of simulation tools to better understand the physical phenomenon that we study. These simulations aide us in performing effective testing and are integral to our processes.

CFD Simulations

COMET (cryogenic testing) of LOX (upper tank) and LNG (lower tank) mixing visualized using OpenFOAM CFD simulations. Optimal time to detonate the propellant mixtures determined from the data.

Hydrogen Jet Injection

Optimal tank design and mixing dynamics with pool versus ‘in-tank’ mixing explored with Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Solver (SPHC).

Other SPHC simulations include COPV burst, fragment impact, blast propagation etc.

SPHC Propellant Mixing in Tank
COPV Impact Burst

Structural Analysis Models

FEMAP finite element solver with Nastran used for stress analysis of propellant tanks, probe stands etc. prior to fabrication.

FEMAP Probe Stand Stress Analysis
FEMAP COMET Tank Stress Analysis

Fluid System Simulation

GFSSP (Generalized Fluid System Simulation) and DWSIM simulations for cryogenic chill down of LOX and LNG pipeline, helium pressurization etc.