Our Team

Mike Bangham

Mike created Bangham Engineering in 2006 after a long career with McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing, leading advanced system development activities for the Phantom Works. Over time, he has created a company that develops data and systems to make launch vehicles and spaceflight safer. Mike strongly believes in using a knowledgeable blend of testing and simulation to gain insight into space systems operating at or near the physical limits of designs.

Reema Reveles

As a principal engineer at BEi, Dr. Reveles has been instrumental in developing simulation capability to predict fragment distribution from launch vehicle accidents and explosive tests. She has led various component and system level engineering design and execution efforts towards LOX/LNG explosive gas and cryogenic propellant blast testing. She is involved in the in-depth analysis of pressure, temperature and fragment blast data that will be useful in establishing safety standards of LOX/LNG propellant mixtures. She holds a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in aerospace engineering.

Lauren Wilson

Lauren had extensive experience working in research and development in materials science as a chemical engineer before coming to Bangham Engineering. She specializes in hands on design and process improvement. Lauren graduated with her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Auburn University.

Arik Schwartz

Arik Schwartz’s background is in vehicle repair and welding. As the lead technician at Bangham Engineering, Arik has been a key contributor to the installation of testing infrastructure. He is also Bangham Engineering’s lead high speed photographer.

Kent Russell

Before starting at Bangham Engineering, Kent worked at several small aerospace firms designing and testing electrical and avionics systems for the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and other customers. He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and was a part of the University of Alabama's Space Hardware Club where he helped develop and deploy CubeSat payloads into orbit. He operates as Bangham's lead avionics engineer specializing in data acquisition systems and instrumentation.

Grady Hall

Meet Grady, a seasoned explosives operator and heavy equipment specialist whose journey from underground miner to blast range field technician has been defined by skill and resilience. With years spent in the depths of the Earth, Grady mastered the operation of heavy machinery, the art of controlled explosions, and the ability to thrive in high-pressure environments. Drawing from this experience, Grady brings a unique blend of expertise to the forefront of rocket technology testing, meticulously planning and executing each test to simulate worst-case scenarios. Their dedication to safety and precision drives advancements in rocket design, pushing the boundaries of exploration and innovation.

Ethan Geisler

Meet Ethan Geisler, a veteran technician at Bangham Engineering. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology, Ethan plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of network systems and low voltage equipment essential for rocket failure testing.

With years of hands-on experience and a keen eye for detail, Ethan has become a trusted leader in his field. His expertise in network operations guarantees that communication channels remain open and reliable during critical testing phases. His proficiency in managing low voltage systems ensures the safety and reliability of all equipment involved. Additionally, he does not hesitate to pick up a shovel when necessary.

Ethan thrives in the dynamic environment of rocket testing, where precision and reliability are paramount. His dedication to his craft and commitment to excellence makes him an invaluable asset to the team, driving the success of each mission, even in the face of adversity.