Chemistry Internship

Job Description

The Chemist will assist in obtaining spectrometer readings and analyzing the data. The chemist will also help design and conduct lab scale experiments and characterize various chemical properties of binary mixtures. He/She will report to senior management directly to inform management’s decisions with technical background.

The candidate will be required to conduct tests in one of our two labs located in either Huntsville, AL or Salt Lake City, UT. Travel to the labs to conduct the tests is an available option.


• Candidate should have spectroscopy experience and ability to analyze spectral data.
• Laboratory experience.

• Pursuing Bachelor’s degree

• Experience with cryogenics
• Experience with combustion


• Flexible schedule (ability to work remote)

Additional Information

Bangham Engineering, Inc. is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment. We welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

To Apply please send your resume or CV to us at [email protected] with the job you are applying to in the subject line.